Salicylic Acid: Everything you ever wanted to know

Jai Prakash @ 2023-01-17 18:08:30 +0530

  A hero for blackheads, whiteheads, and oily or blemish-prone skin It goes without saying there's a lot of different skincare ingredients. Memorising the names, learning the differences, and figuring out the best for your skin type can be a bit of a nightmare - I work in skincare and even I find myself losing track at times. So, I've enlisted the help of Liberty, our resident cosmetic scientist and formulation expert, to shed some light on some of our favourite ingredients that you can find in Revolution Skincare. First up is Salicylic Acid - a wonder for oily skin...

Meet The Miracle Cream That Will Revolutionise Your Makeup Regime

Jai Prakash @ 2023-01-17 11:44:57 +0530

Youth-boosting. Glow-giving. It’s a miracle in a jar!   We all know that better skincare = better makeup. In fact, moisturiser is a staple in any good skincare routine. Here at Revolution PRO, we believe that the perfect moisturiser should be hydrating, comforting, lightweight, suitable for all skin types, feel SUPER luxe on the skin, include skin-loving active ingredients, have a visible impact on the skin (both instantly and long-term), and (most importantly) be affordable for everyone. Not much to ask for, right? Shop the Miracle Cream here! Introducing the all-NEW Revolution Pro Miracle Cream - a beautifying face cream that...