Discover Your Hair Type

Jai Prakash @ 2023-01-17 18:01:05 +0530

  Our easy guide to identifying your curl type!   Identifying your curl type is the first key step in discovering which formulas are right for your hair. There's no one size fits all, and that's why we created a Light Hydration range and a Deep Hydration range specifically formulated for curly hair – follow our guide below to identify your curl type and discover which products will bring out your best curls! STRAIGHT UP – TYPE 1 HAIR Type 1 hair has little to no curls, with only the ends of the hair holding a slight curl or bend.If...

How to Use the Bond Plex Range

Jai Prakash @ 2023-01-17 11:09:20 +0530

Four revolutionary haircare formulas to transform your tresses...   Hair is important, isn't it? Bright colours and bold cuts can be used as a form of self-expression and styling can boost your confidence... but add them all together and there's no denying, dryness, dullness and split ends from exposure to heat and repeated dyeing could be damaging your hair. But all is not lost! Revolution Haircare has created a restoring range of targeted, results-driven formulas that cover all bases, from deep conditioning and increasing tress strength to enhancing shine and reducing frizz. Read on to find out more about the...